In addition to reasonable ordinances, proper blower use should significantly reduce complaints.  OPEI has created a bilingual manual to help educate users on safe and courteous use of leaf blowers. The manual, “Leaf Blower, A Guide to Safe & Courteous Use,” discusses general rules, such as make sure bystanders are 50 feet away, as well as providing tips for courteous operation, reducing sound, reducing dust and increasing efficiency. Some cities keep copies of this manual to give to operators when responding to a complaint, while others incorporate these tips into their own informational pieces about City ordinances.  We support best practices  in surrounding towns have adopted and look forward to further discussion.

If you think that someone is using a leaf blower that is not compliant with the Town's by-laws, talk with your neighbor or call the landscape professional's office. Direct them to this website to make sure they have an understanding of the Town's by-laws. You also have the right to call the police who will follow up on the complaint and determine  compliance. The police will talk to homeowners and landscapers and will advise, warn or ticket as needed. (Outdoor Power Equipment Institute leafblower brochure) (Brookline Noise by-law committee report)

Example of Cambridge, MA. "Best Practices" brochure