Brookline now has leaf blower regulations that were developed by the Moderator’s Committee and voted through by Town Meeting. The committee met for nine months, researched the issue and developed one of the most restrictive leaf blower by-laws in the country. Complaints to the police and the designated Leaf Blower enforcement officer are way down. The Town is quieter in the summer and there is now a system to report and enforce. This November Town meeting is once again faced with voting on a warrant article (#23) that will restrict the use of gas blowers for all contractors EXCEPT for the Town of Brookline. This will be devastating to local, small businesses. Raking leaves is not an option for companies that serve multiple properties in one day. It is not acceptable to ask workers to rake nine hour days-if you can even find workers to do this job! Battery operated leaf blowers are fine for summer to clear light debris. We need to use heavier gas powered blowers to clear the leaves in the spring and fall.

*Landscape companies will pull out of Brookline leaving many residents unable to clear their properties.

*Landscape companies who leave Brookline will also no longer remove snow in the winter.

*Cost of battery operated professional grade leaf blowers is around $60,000 to outfit three crews with blowers and batteries. This is a crushing amount for a small business.

*If Residents find companies to rake, their maintenance bills will skyrocket.

*There is a lack of employable people who want to work in this industry.

*We have a tremendous amount of leaf fall here in Brookline. Our trees are old and BIG!

*All Leafblowers nationwide emit less than 0.038% (source EPA) of US co2 emissions. Why is the focus on this machine? To learn more, click on the “Just The Facts” tab to view the powerpoint developed by the Moderator’s Committee On Leafblowers for the Town of Brookline.

Please email the Committee Heads and the Selectboard if you feel that this is an unnecessary Warrant article.,,,

Sample letter from a Brookline resident:

Dear Committee chairs,

I am a Brookline resident and am writing to say that I strongly object to banning all gas leaf blowers in Brookline. I feel we have adequate regulations that define windows when these blowers can be used and I do not favor expanding to a complete ban. This will be a hardship on landscape businesses as the battery powered blowers are extremely expensive and not adequate for heavy spring and fall clean up. It will also be a burden to homeowners who will be paying exorbitant prices for leaf removal and some landscape companies will likely pull out of Brookline. If and when the time comes that the price of the battery powered blowers comes down and their power is sufficient, then I could support this measure. Thank you.


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