Brookline has a stringent noise by-law which is enforced by the Police Department, that significantly limits the permitted noise level of leaf blowers and times of their operation. Failure to adhere to this By-Law is a violation with a consequent warning or fine. 

*Leaf Blower operation is only permitted during two periods in the year: from March 15 - May 15 and October 15 - December 31st.  Leafblowers machines must operate at 67 decibels or less. Mon.-Fri.: 8am-8pm Sat, Sun. and Holidays: 9am-6pm

*Property owners/managers are co-responsible for compliance with the By-law, and any violation by the owner or a hired landscaper whom the owner might employ.

*Property owners/managers are responsible for the compliant operation of leaf blowers on not only the property they control, but on contiguous sidewalks and streets.

*On land parcels of 7,500 sq ft or less in size, a maximum of two leaf blowers may be used simultaneously.

First Offense:Written warning Second Offense: $50
Third Offense: $100
Each Subsequent Offense: $150

Leaf Blower violations should be reported to:

Department of Public Works Mon–Fri. 7am–3 pm 617-879-4900

After business hours: Brookline Police Department 617-730-2222